In order to register, please:

  • copy and paste the form below into a text editor,
  • complete it,
  • send it to

analyse2011 at

Thank you!

Please note that on August 30 and August 31 there will be a satellite event, "French-Netherlands meeting in Functional and Harmonic Analysis". If you want to register for the satellite event as well, please send independently of this registration a quick mail to Bernhard Haak.

Registration form for "Recent Trends in Analysis 2011"
IMB, Bordeaux, France


First name:


Date of arrival:

Date of departure:

We kindly ask the participants to take care of booking their hotel (well in advance, since
the period of the conference is quite busy at Bordeaux). Here is some information on the hotels.
Some assistance with hotel booking is available upon inquiries to analyse2011 at

I would like to give a talk: Yes No


I would like to participate in a poster session: Yes No

I need an invitation to get the visa: Yes No

The deadline for submitting the registration form is July, 1, 2011.
If you plan to request the visa, please submit the form by June, 1, 2011 (or even earlier).

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